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CEO & Founder

Simone's Message to Clients

Do you ever feel that you just want to hide? Everything seems so overwhelming. You forget to breathe. Your friends invite you out and you say no, but what you really want to say is yes. You continue to miss opportunities and always think about excuses to come up with to avoid being in situations that make you feel uncomfortable. You are lonely and often feel isolated, but it feels so scary to put yourself out there. You are not even sure who you really are outside of your worries. You feel that no one can really understand you or what you are going through.  


You once loved your job, yet you often find yourself feeling burned out and unable to enjoy things the way you used to. You feel that you need to be seen as capable and ready to handle anything that gets dropped in your lap. While you love helping others so much, you are not used to accepting that kind of support yourself. Let’s change that.


Therapy is hard work and tough. But so are you! I know what it feels like when no one gets you. I truly get it. Together we can work on getting you to the place you want to be in. I can provide the guidance and support that will help you fulfill the areas in your life that you’re coming up short on. If you would like to work with a therapist who can relate and really gets you, let’s connect! Email us today for your FREE 15-minute consultation to make sure you feel like I am a good fit!

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