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At H.A.R.M.O.N.Y., we believe that everyone should have access to quality mental health care. We offer competitive rates and work with a variety of insurance providers to make our services more accessible to those who need them.

Individual therapy sessions:

Initial assessment (60 minutes): $175-225

Standard therapy session (45 minutes): $150-200

Extended therapy session (60 minutes): $175-225

Sliding scale: Available $60-100 per session. 

We offer an Income-Based Fee Structure to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone. Please contact us for more details on how we can accommodate your financial needs.

Group therapy sessions:

Rates vary depending on the group therapy offered but range from $50-$85
(Most insurance plans cover group therapy)

Couples therapy: 

Initial assessment (60 minutes): $200-250

Ongoing therapy sessions (45 minutes): $175-225


Mental Health/Business Wellness Coaching Sessions:

Ongoing sessions (60 minutes): $250

Insurance Accepted: 







United Healthcare


Sliding Scale and Low Cost Options:

We are pleased to offer sliding scale and low-cost counseling services provided by our talented team of counselors in training and interns for those without insurance. These professionals are supervised by experienced licensed clinicians to ensure high-quality care.

Please reach out to find out more about sliding scale options.

Our affordable counseling services are ideal for individuals seeking support who may be on a limited budget or prefer a cost-effective option. By working with our provisionally licensed staff or interns (counselors in training), you can receive professional counseling services at a reduced rate.

Please note that our mental health permit clinicians and interns are under direct supervision and receive regular guidance from our licensed clinicians to ensure the highest standards of care. Our clinicians bring passion, empathy, and dedication to their work, and they are committed to supporting your mental health journey.

If you are interested in accessing our low-cost counseling services with our provisionally licensed mental health clinicians, please contact us to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. We believe that everyone deserves quality mental health care, and we are here to help you on your path to well-being.

Please email us for more information! 

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